Company outsourced

Company outsourced courses

- at all levels A1 - C2 -

Optional courses: General English, Professional English, Coaching

Optional days:

Depending on actual needs, flexible


Depending on actual needs, flexible

Forms of learning:

- classroom (offline)
- hybrid (classroom and / or online)
- online


12.900 HUF + VAT
/ language lesson (regardless of the number of the students and the  type of course)


1 module: 30 classes;
1 course: 4 modules (120 classes)

Group size:

In an optimal case
2-10 people

The fee includes OUR FREE SERVICES:

- Placement test  AND consultancy
- POP-IN LESSONS - native language communication training
- Notebook

We kindly recommend this group to YOU if:

  • you have already had to ask for an interpreter at an international conference, event or business meeting because you or your employees DO NOT SPEAK IN ENGLISH;
  • within the framework of a professional organization and quality assurance system, we want to effectively increase the competitiveness of our employees and thus the competitiveness of the company with our high-quality training, high quality and favourable conditions;
  • your company has already dropped orders from abroad because their employees DO NOT SPEAK IN ENGLISH;
  • it has already happened to you that an employee of yours has given an inaccurate telephone message because you DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH;
  • has already missed an EU investment, an international tender because they DO NOT SPEAK IN ENGLISH.

The process:

At the beginning of the courses:

  • prior consultation with the client when determining the purpose, location, schedule, method of testing, payment terms and the needs assessment of the language teaching;
  • assessment of students' level of knowledge (written and oral) at an agreed time, interview to learn their language learning habits;
  • formation of groups;
  • developing a curriculum and determining the number of classes required to achieve the goal;
  • selecting the appropriate teacher (our teachers are graduates with extensive experience, all of whom have experience abroad - native teachers can be chosen);
  • contracting;

Courses start 7-10 days after level assessment; providing curriculum.

During the course:

  • keeping an attendance sheet;
  • measuring student satisfaction;
  • tests to measure student development;
  • regular reports on student development;
  • professional supervision, class visits;
  • continuous review and improvement of our teaching methods based on experience;
  • modification of the curriculum if required.

At the end of the course:

  • final/module exam;
  • individualized assessment of student performance.


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