About Us


... a modern, dynamic language school combining the latest teaching and learning methods, forms and state-of-the-art learning tools. We are characterized by specific trainings, professional language, preparation for any language exams, health-conscious classrooms, fun and a continuous thirst for knowledge.


In addition to your English language skills, you will have a positive attitude, joyful moments, healthy self-confidence, a cosmopolitan sense of life, constant attention and love.

Nothing is  impossible for us and we are convinced that Everyone is able to learn the usage of English.


Why @ BLC?


  • we provide you unique and free services;
  • In 8 months, you can take an intermediate language exam from the complete beginner level;
  • In 12 months, you can take an advanced language exam from the complete beginner level;
  • we are committed and passionate about education;
  • you surely find the right course for you and can choose from our wide range of training programmes;
  • quality services, a dynamic, modern mix of different educational methods characterize our school;
  • our online enrollment and a free placement test make it easy to apply;
  • our language lessons have been designed to include the development of all the language skills needed to learn the language: communication (speaking and writing), comprehension (based on what is being read and heard), vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation;
  • we place particular emphasis on speech-centricity, accurate, confident, conscious acquisition of language, and the successful practical application of learned theoretical knowledge;
  • we provide continuous discounts;
  • dedicated, cheerful, professional teachers are our “guarantees”: we require not only linguistic but also a high level of pedagogical and psychological knowledge from our teachers with specialized higher education;
  • we constantly follow the development, satisfaction and unique needs of our students - YOU are the most important to us!
  • we update the new achievements of the ever-changing world on a daily basis, we handle all your needs flexibly and adapt, whether it is a schedule or the introduction of a more efficient method;
  • In addition to level assessment, training counseling and group organization, our management provides maximum assistance in solving the individual requests and problems of our students;
  • we guarantee that the level you want to achieve by completing the modules with our recommendation will be fully met;
  • air-conditioned, equipped with audio-visual devices,  health-conscious rooms serve our students' comfort