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Do not hesitate just contact us if you need to speak Hungarian. Our professional trainers are here for you.

Summer Camp

for kids and teenagers

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English intermediate
language exam in 8 months

English advanced
language exam in 12 months

Courses @ BLC

- Quality management, interoperability
- Flexible, student-oriented courses
- Enjoyable, memorable lessons
- Teacher's passion for education
- UNIQUE extra services!

Blended learning @ BLC

- Blended learning
- Excellent teachers
- Macmillan Education e-learning system
- Pop-In lessons
- Skype hot-line assistance

Maximised @ BLC

- Maximum competence by US
- Maximum attention for YOU
- Maximum Results with YOU
- Maximum interoperability for YOU
- Maximum success TOGETHER

Coffee & Snack @ BLC

- Coffee
- Refreshing
- Snack
- Lounge
- Rest rooms


- Macmillan Education E-learning System
- Free Wi-Fi
- Own laptop
- Smart board
- Skype hot-line assistance

Progress @ BLC

- Specific, accurate needs assessments
- Final exam per module
- Quality policy and monitoring system
- Instant reaction and success
- Measurability, feedback


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Free Wi-Fi is available @ BLC

Smart board & MEC

Interactive smart board & learning resources from Macmillan Education

Student lounge

Students may relax between the lectures

Student computers

Every student has their own laptop @ BLC

Coffee & Snack

We prepare everything for your convinience @ BLC


Modern, health-concious classrooms @ BLC


Questions & answers (in Hungarian).

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